Einwahlschleife, 2019, Sakralraum NRW
cardboards, coloured lacquer, AC motor, flashligh
size: 1,6 x 0,5 x 0,5 m 




ENDEFEEKT, 2018, RFK Paderborn

aluminium mountings, cardboards, hammertone finish, AC motors, motion sensors, pyrotechnics, variable size


untitled, 2017

untitled, 2017 
serial intervention  N° 1 , Place Gutenberg, Strassbourg, France 
baguette on flag, 1,5 x 1,8 x 5 m

Kolorit, 2017

Kolorit 2017

sound intervention at the bridge Kennelbad Brunswick 
cardboard pipes, soda can, steel ball, DC motor, ball bearings, spacer, aluminum tubes, mounting, hammertone finish


laterale kopfauslenkung

kopping, 2017, installation view 
         skewer sticks, tape, baking paper, controller units,
         size variable



eichstrich, BraWoPark - tower, brunswick, 2017
video, 6:37 min., on LED screen, 4 x 12 x 90 m


#BREXIT hints at the traditional tea ceremony, which is celebrated daily in many English households, as a symbol of representation and a huge constant in English culture. The installation comments on the causes and triggers of the Brexit debate.
Powered through a processor that reads out all tweets (twitter posts) containing Hashtag Brexit the setting transforms them into air impulses depending on the length of those tweets. The lid of the teapot bounces minimalistically and thereby determines a composition. The work certainly fills the internet into cups.


Stangenwasser 2012 ongoing

Stangenwasser 2016
frozen Urin, 90cm x 5cm

destillat 2

destillat 2 , lohre/pralle 2015
interventional intrusion at the art club wolfenbüttel.

pvc / shrink-wrap - elements, insulation boards, tarpaulin, potting compost, artificial watering, rubber boots, heating lamps, size: 10 x 8m x 3 m

# nice beta

# nice beta, 2015 , villa arson, nice, france, in collaboration with jan neukirchen
internet, controller, led screen, air compressor, tube, pvc trapulin, 2,5 x 1,8 x 7 m